About Us

The mission is to “Deliver True Beauty to Every Woman In The World” by Love Renaissance.

Love Renaissance was established in 1998.  Setting up a boutique as the first Japanese cosmetic company in the Royal Hawaiian Center, Hawaii.  The only store outside of Japan so far.  The concept store located in the Hotel Hankyu International, Umeda, Osaka.

Every visit to our stores is appreciated and every effort is made to take good care of each customer.


In 2010, the Seven Dwarfs Department was established. Which  is a direct selling-based business division with the application of membership system.  We are constantly attempting new things in order to accomplish our corporate mission “Deliver True Beauty To Every Woman In The World.”

Our Founder & Advisers

Love Renaissance Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Director

Iki Sakakura

Established Love Renaissance in 1998.


In 2002, Love Renaissance’s image advertisement took place in Milan, Italy.  The photographer was Aldo Fallai and the director was Iki Sakakura.  Aldo Fallai with enthusiasm captured Iki Sakakura’s portait which later appeared in the fashion magazine, “VOGUE” Italia and attracted public attention.


Iki Sakakura’s friendship with Karl Lagerfeld deepened around the same time.


Being acquainted with the European tradition-based elegance, Iki Sakakura was inspired.  Launching various cosmetic products that casted a spell over Japanese women.


In 2004, Love Renaissance featured Penelope Cruz as its spokesmodel in a TV commercial.  The commercial was composed and directed by Wim Wenders. It was nationally aired in Japan and received a great response.


Subsequently, he established Love Renaissance (U.S.A.), Inc. in Hawaii, USA.  Opening a store in the Royal Hawaiian Center.  Carrying on the business vigorously domestically and internationally from then on.

Master of Science degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology, Medical Degree in Medicine.

Reza Babapour, M.D.

Dr. Babapour is board certified in Dermatology, and well versed in both clinical and cosmetic dermatology.  He is a fellow member of American Academy of Dermatology and American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.  Also an assistant clinical professor of Medicine, UCLA.  Dr. Babapour runs a cosmetic/dermatologic clinic in Beverly Hills, California.  An honorable figure amongst celebrities.


In order to provide assistance to highly beauty conscious clients, Dr. Babapour has been studying numerous skin care products all over the world.  That was how he met Love Renaissance.


The beauty effectiveness of the products, smooth texture and safety in use even to children, fascinated Dr. Babapour from a cosmetic dermatologist’s perspective.  Love Renaissance’s products are the official cosmetic products in his own clinic.  To further improve the quality and effectiveness of Love Renaissance’s products, Dr. Babapour has been our consultant since.


● Dr. Babapour Official Website

 http://www.dermatologicare.com/    http://www.dr-babapour.jp/(Japanese Ver.)

Phone   808-923-0991

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